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Inventing the Carbon-Free Future™  with Power At Any Altitude®

We’re bringing renewable, carbon-free energy everywhere from deserts to deep space. Our fuel cell technology can support a lifetime of power using only water and air to generate electricity. Infinity’s electrolyzers convert water into hydrogen and oxygen gas at 2000 psia without compressors. With $9 million in revenue for 2022 and a clean energy boom underway, it’s the perfect time to become an Infinity® shareholder.

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Investment Highlights


Booming Energy Market

Two of the hottest markets, commercial space and green renewable energy, in a single investment.


Proven Industry Expertise

$50M+ in government contracts with major government agencies like NASA and the Navy and  commercial customers like SERCO NA, Blue Origin, Boeing, United Launch Alliance and others.


Limitless Upside Potential

We reached an inflection point in 2022, beginning a transition from Studies and R&D contracts to commercial production contracts.

Problem & Solution

We Deliver

"Power at Any Altitude®"

The world needs a place to generate & store renewable energy. Think decarbonization when considering Infinity products. We’re delivering that, plus a way to use renewable energy in extreme environments – think, underwater, space, aviation, or off-the-grid markets – where it was previously impossible.

What Sets Our Fuel Cells Apart?


AS9100 Qualified

Rugged Architecture


Long-Lasting Power

Problem & Solution

Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth

With our successful track record developing fuel cell technology for the most extreme operating environments, we are now positioned to use the same technology to solve problems at home – deploying our systems in “Hard to decarbonize” industries such as aviation, marine, heavy-duty mobility and the broader green hydrogen economy.


We’ve Won Over $50M In Grants And Contracts

Our solutions have proven successful in real-world applications – addressing some of the most significant challenges across various industries. Now we’re ready to scale up and commercialize our technology.

An Integral Part of NASA Manned Spaceflight

Since the 1960s, fuel cells have played a key role in manned spaceflight. We’re part of that tradition. Our fuel cells recently took part in Blue Origin’s New Shepard (NS-23) launch under a NASA-sponsored Tipping Point program. We’re also developing innovative regenerative fuel cell energy systems as solutions for upcoming lunar missions with NASA.

Navy & Commercial Underwater Applications

Our hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells can power unmanned underwater journeys for up to 70 days. Not only does this help make the US Navy more effective in their mission, it also helps commercial customers save money by eliminating the need for surface support ships and crews.

Our fuel cells can power a UUV for up to 70 days.

Our Revenue Has Grown Each Year

Past results are no guarantee of the future, but we’ve been growing our revenue year over year. We’re more than a traditional “start-up”.

Market Opportunity

Our Markets Are Projected to Reach ~$19.4B over the next 10 years

All Infinity® products share a common core architecture, addressing the needs of several multi-billion-dollar markets across space power, aerospace, marine, heavy-duty mobility, and the green hydrogen economy. Based on projected market growth by 2030, the resulting opportunity encompasses an ~$19.4B TAM1 across all industries.

28.7% CAGR
Global Aircraft Fuel Cells Market to Reach $2.7 Billion by 2030
Projected Growth in the Green Hydrogen Market
Projected Growth in UUV (TAM)

Join as we transition from research to commerce:

In 2022 we reached an inflection point with our first major commercial production contracts for space and underwater missions.

We Make a Green Future Possible

Hydrogen is a renewable, carbon-free energy source, which is why the green hydrogen market is is set to soar. And demand for the electrolyzer tech that can convert water into hydrogen is outstripping supply. Our electrolyzer tech is ready to meet that demand.

Join Us as We Move from Research to Commerce

We’ve been honing our technology in research and development.
Now we’re ready to take the next step to commercializing our products.


Inventing the Carbon-Free Future

Our seasoned leadership team embodies deep industry expertise and technological know-how. Past and current members of our team have been involved in every space flight fuel cell program since Project Gemini in the 1960’s through today.

William F. Smith

President and CEO

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  • 30+ years experience UTC/Proton
  • Co-founder Proton Energy systems
  • Proton: VP Business Development
  • NASDAQ IPO 2000
  • Founder of Infinity
  • UCONN- Physics
  • 12 Patents
Robert Byron

VP- Engineering

  • 25+ years experienceelectrochemical stacks and systems
  • UTC Power managing Space Shuttle fuel cell program
  • Product manager for 400 kW fuel cell systems
  • First Solar as the Director of Product Management
  • NASA JSC Shuttle fuel cell system support
  • Proton Energy Systems
  • BSME U of A.
  • 7 US patents
Bill Davis


  • Over 30 years experience working in many different industries.
  • General Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting and Project Management
  • HR program manager
Rick Mullins

Director, Business Development

  • 38 years experience inmanufacturing andtechnology
  • 7 years and UnitedTechnologies in space and navy-related programs
  • 23 years leading aUniversity-based innovation center
  • BS in Industrial Tech. &MS Organization & Mgmt.from Central ConnecticutState University
John Fayer

Director of Engineering

  • 10+ years fuel cell experience at Infinity
  • Design and Test Engineer lead engineer for designing and testing fuel cell components, stacks, systems
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut
Max Aranow

Lead AMPES Engineer

  • M.S. in management in engineering from University of Connecticut
  • Lead engineer at Infinity® on Office of Naval Research UUV project
  • Received certificate of appreciation from NASA for work on the AMPES tipping-point project
Karen Murdoch

Senior Systems Engineer

  • Systems Consultant
  • 25+ years experience
  • UTC Hamilton Standard
  • UTC Power
  • Air Products  and Chemicals
  • Principal Investigator for multiple
  • UTC/NASA ELSS programs
  • BS Chem E RPI
Christopher Smith

Corporate Counsel

  • Expert in Contract and Administrative Law
  • B.A., Economics, University of Connecticut
  • J.D., Western New England University
  • Also routinely handles Trademark, IP, Development, and Compliance activities for Infinity®

Inessa Pidvysotski

Global Strategy Lead

  • CEO, Cambridge Business Advisors
  • MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management
  • PMP and Six Sigma certifications
  • 20+ yerars of corporate finance and management experience

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