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New Patent Alert! Another Infinity® Win

Big news. 


We've just snagged a game-changing patent, US 11,777,114 B2, titled “Cascading Stack Electrochemical Fuel Cell.” 


To most people, that’s just an array of digits and industry terms. But to us, it’s a huge victory for our core Advanced Product Water Removal fuel cell stack technology.


It only reinforces the case that our team – including legends like James McElroy (co-founder of Bloom Energy), John Fayer, Jay LaGrange, and William Smith (CEO and Proton Energy Systems co-founder) – nailed this invention.


As we gear up to move from R&D to full-on production mode, this patent is our guardian angel. It's not just about protecting our tech in Space and Underwater fuel cell markets. It's our ticket to exploring fresh, untapped markets too.